Technical Information

Imulse 100 Tech Data
IMPULSE 100 wing span 28.5 ft / 8,70 m
length 20.9 ft / 6,37 m
wing area 97 sq ft / 9,00 m²
max. mass UL 992 lbs / 450 kg
max. mass Exp. 1588 lbs / 720 kg
usable fuel UL 26.4 gal us / 100 l
usable fuel Exp. 42.2 gal us / 160 l+
cruise speed 168 mph / 270 km/h
climb rate 26 ft/s / 8 m/s
take-off roll 200 ft / 60 m
take-off distance (45ft obstacle) 660 ft / 200 m
range (1 h res.) UL 1056 mls / 1700 km
range (1 h res.) Exp. >1553 mls / >2500 km

Highlights of theCustom Impulse Aerodynamic Wings

The airfoil of the main wing was developed and refined by the University of Delft, The Netherlands. Specifically it is composed of NLF(2) mod 16.5% transforming into NLF(2) mod 13% with highly effective fowlerflaps with a depth of 30% for over 65% of the wingspan. Fully extended fowlerflaps yield a lift coefficient exceeding the value of 3, which, in spite of the high wing load ensure the required Vmin of 40.4 mph. In order to ensure reproducibility of these figures in series production, the master models of the wing and horizontal stabilizers were CNC- machined in special material employed in the automotive industry. To further reduce drag, all control rods, actuators and guides remain within the wing itself. During cruise the airfoil features large extended areas of laminar airflow (up to 65% of depth on the lower wing surface). Above that the airfoil has proven to be of advantage for preciptation and concerning surface contamination.