Competitive Edge

The competitive edge in aviation is a 3 prong approach. Whether you are using your aircraft for racing, acrobatics, or scored games it is crucial that your aircraft supercede the others on these fronts. The first is ingenuity; an aircraft is nothing other than a tin can without the mathematics that are invested into its design. A plane that is made from the standard dimensions and templated wing shapes will never give you an edge! Rather, thinking like a true engineer and bringing new ideas to the table is the only way to assure that the owner of the aircraft will ever have the competitive edge. The creation of parts such as the first wing, Beechjet LH Windshield PN 45AS31001-023, or Learjet Wheel Assembly PN 5004913-6, are all examples of how the aviation game is able to be changed with a creative mind and a unique spirit.

The second and the third focuses are Adaptation and Responsiveness and will be the core of the next blog post. For now, I leave you with the mindset that aviation is an inventors game and though it is safer to recycle old ideas, the best ideas will always triumph! See how Impulse Aviation is filled with ingenuity with every release by contacting us today!