About Impulse Aviation

Impulse Aviation is a German company that produces a specialty enthusiasts aircraft. They no longe operate in the United States under this name, but they had a lot of good ideas worth looking into. They Focused on using regular gasoline to power slow, low weight, and high effeciency aircraft. The Idea was for the commuting from the German countryside into the cities.

    The Company gave 12 reasons why they should be your main choice for light aircraft.

  1. 1. State-of-the-art material technology
  2. 2. State-of-the-art Aerodynamics
  3. 3. Astonishing Performance
  4. 4. High-quality production "Made in Germany"
  5. 5. Most elegant design
  6. 6. Very spacious and safe cockpit
  7. 7. Great handling
  8. 8. Outstanding climb- and cruise performance
  9. 9. Adaptable for glider towing missions
  10. 10. Designed following FAR 23 - standards
  11. 11. High resale value, economical operation
  12. 12. Easy service routines, simple one-man rigging procedures